EC1 Capital

Victoria Mikulecz

Financial Services

Victoria Mikulecz is a highly experienced strategic and innovative leader and advisor with a broad financial services and a more recent commercial background.

During a career spanning 25 years in the Financial Services Industry, most of which was spent working for J.P.Morgan, Victoria held several key executive roles in predominantly applied Technology businesses.

Significant regulatory changes coupled with the rapid evolution of technology have had a fundamental impact on the traditional interactions between Financial Services companies and their clients.
Victoria has built a reputation for defining and implementing innovative solutions which span people, product, process and technology in a global environment across the full gamut of client segments.

Victoria's experience also includes managing sales, client servicing, onboarding, marketing and product development teams. She is now involved in a variety of entrepreneurial projects including a recent foray into the hospitality sector and ERP technology.

Victoria sat on the Diversity Committee at J.P. Morgan for a number of years and was and continues to be an active mentor for a number of future leaders within the industry.