EC1 Capital

Kapil Singhal

Mobile, Enterprise, SaaS
Speciality: Market Access, Key Client Strategy, User Experience led Product Development
Kapil Singhal is the  Co-founder of humanLearning, a cloud based mobile service that accelerates learning & decision making in organisations, through a unique concept that enables professionals to tap into valuable experiences, insights and ideas shared by their colleagues.
Prior to humanLearning, he was at the Aricent Group (wholly owned by private equity firm KKR) where he joined as the second employee in Europe.  He built and led successful teams in the mobile industry covering the European, US and Australian markets. He led client teams that achieved significant revenue growth from zero to £250m, and often facing challenging market conditions.   He spearheaded the launch of Aricent's Carrier Services practice winning key FTSE 100 and European mobile and Telco firms.

Kapil started his career in the mobile industry with Ericsson and has worked closely with frog – a global product strategy & experience design firm, which was acquired by Aricent.  He holds an MBA from London Business School, B.Tech in Electrical Engineering alongside an advanced degree in Computer Science from India's leading Indian Institute of Technology – New Delhi.