EC1 Capital

Julian Carter

Founding Partner & Managing Director

Julian Carter is a co-founder of EC1 Capital. Julian is a hands-on entrepreneur and experienced executive with over 20 years of working in web-related companies in verticals such as Casual Social Games, Interactive TV, Mobile, Classifieds Publishing, SEO and Legacy Software Modernisation in the UK and Ireland.

Julian started EC1 Capital because we are living in an extraordinary pivotal time as we move quickly from an analog to a purely digitial society. The age of mobile is finally upon us, information is eating everything, legacy businesses are being disrupted. The massively falling costs of starting a tech company have created a market for EC1 Capital to invest in promising technology startups.

Julian currently sits on the board of WeSwap, User Replay, Glean.inTruly Experiences, LoyaltyLion, Reep Rewards, Hypaship, Tailster and Kontainers.