Pitching & presentations

For some great tips for your pitch, learn from the best in the business:

 "Going to Raise VC?  Here's a Primer on Process, People, and Powerpoint Deck" by Mark Suster [video]

"Raising Venture Capital" by Mark Suster

"How to Pitch a VC by Dave McClure [slides are here]

"10 Tips for the Perfect Investment Pitch" by Dave McClure

David S. Rose's TED Presentation on Pitching to VCs [video]

"Madlibs for Pitches: How to Perfect the One-Sentence Pitch" by Adeo Ressi [video]

"Learn from the Best: Founder Showcase Winning Pitch Videos" by the Founder Institute

"Lessons Learned: A New Type of VC Pitch" by Steve Blank

"Pitch Yourself, Not Your Idea" by Chris Dixon

A Look at's Pre-Launch Pitch Deck, by

"The 10/20/30 Powerpoint Rule" by Guy Kawasaki

List of UK accelerators

Seedcamp. London.

TechStars. London.

Accelerator. London.

Wayra. London (May 2012)

Bethnal Green. London.

Accelerator Academy. London.

Rockstart Accelerator. (coming soon to London)

Springboard. Cambridge and London.

Ignite 100. North East.

Oxygen Accelerator. Birmingham.

Beta Foundry. Oxford University.

IdeaAlive. Manchester.

Techcelerate. Manchester.

Start VI. Northern Ireland.

Entrepreneurial Spark. Scotland. Scotland.

BBC Labs. London.

DotForge. Sheffield.

SearchCamp. Middlesborough.


Co-Working Spaces in London


The Hoxton Mix

The Trampery

Club Workspace


The Cube

Innovation Warehouse. The Hive.

Third Door (with a nursery)

The Hub

Mozilla Spaces

Free Places

British Library

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Map of all co-working, accelerator and incubators

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Capitalisation Table Example. Video and Download.


Legal Agreement Templates

Please note as with all legal agreements you should seek professional legal advice. Some of these documents may have a US law bias.

Some legal template examples including a Common Stock Purchase Agreement. Essential before you even write a line of code!

Another open sourced Founders Equity Agreement from Docracy. 

A checklist of essential items for startup founders

Orrick LLP have a library of open sourced legal forms.


Need to find a co-founder for your venture?












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