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Investment Date: Sep 2013
Industry: E-commerce, Enterprise, Web


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User Replay's session replay technology lets you record, re-run and analyse every visitors' journey through a website.

For ecommerce companies this is invaluable as it enables you to find and fix site bugs, resolve disputes, recover abandoned baskets and prevent fraudulent transactions online.

Aimed at medium to large enterprises with high-turnover ecommerce channels, UserReplay enables them to improve the quality of their websites, enhance customers' shopping experience, and reduce dramatically the time required to resolve any problems and disputes consumers may have while shopping.


John Thompson. Phillip Smith founders of User Replay.


Company News

Two roads to start up land
Mon 5th May 2014 11:13

When it comes to tech start-ups there are two very different kinds of company you can create: product companies and service companies.


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