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Investment Date: Jul 2012
Industry: Mobile, Social, Web
Location: London, UK


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Lifecake records and rewinds your child's life.

Smartphones have made it easier than ever to capture precious moments with your children. But those moments end up scattered across devices and accounts and folders, and organising them is a real chore.

When it comes time to share them with family and close friends, social networks are not very private and email is not beautiful. And, finally, turning these digital memories into physical books - for offline family and reminiscing - is  so time-consuming. 

Lifecake does away with these problems, by organising and safely storing your favourite photos and videos and text updates into one beautiful, private story - on phones, tablets, computers and books.


Pete Triplow, Nicholas Babaian, Ed Botterill & Matthew Sheppard, Lifecake founders.


Company News

Last month EC1 Capital portfolio company Lifecake was acquired by Canon, here is the story of how EC1 came to invest in Lifecake and how much of our investment thesis held true.

Lifecake acquired by Canon
Fri 24th Apr 2015 10:00


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