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Investment Date: Oct 2015
Industry: Cloud & SAAS, Logistics
Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom


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"Shipping is one of the last frontiers of digitisation. It has up till now been relatively untouched and is controlled mainly by large freight forwarding companies who predominantly conduct their business with phone calls, pen and paper and Excel spreadsheets."
Kontainers delivers instant container rates online and the ability to transact entire shipment’s online in seconds, saving money/time and helping drive company productivity. It's the for container shipping.

The Kontainers platform electronically interfaces with shipping lines, strategic freight forwarders , trucking partners and customs clearance partners. It imports shipping rates form major shipping lines and strategic freight forwarders and combines them with real time sailing data.
The customer is then presented with a snapshot of the entire trade lane (not unlike skyscanner) so they can make an informed choice on the fastest, cheapest or greenest shipping line.
The entire booking can then be completed online in seconds including trucking and customs.

Graham Parker and Charles Lee