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Investment Date: Apr 2015
Industry: Cloud & SAAS, E-commerce, Logistics
Location: Oxford, UK


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"As e-commerce grows, delivery is a key touch point with customers, 77% of abandoned shopping baskets are because of a lack of choice in delivery options."

HYPASHIP is a delivery management platform that can address Tier 1 e-commerce retailers and the growing SME market with a solution that is highly differentiated in one API integration:

  • Retailer connects to HypaShip via API via easy to use plugin tools
  • Online shopper gets delivery alternatives
  • Duty and taxes are presented on retailer’s website
  • Widget brings all tracking to retailer’s website
  • Returns processed on retailer’s website
  • Carrier invoices are validated automatically
  • Carrier service levels independently reported
  • Ultra-modern & highly scalable framework (Stress tested to 150M parcels/ year/ instance)
  • 25 global carriers

Neil Gold, founder of HYPASHIP.


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