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Big Data For Humans


Investment Date: Sep 2015
Industry: Analytics, Big Data, E-commerce
Location: London, United Kingdom


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The Customer Graph™ is the world’s first automated customer insights engine which uses networks to analyse customers. It is empowering business teams around the world to start using powerful data science to increase revenue – quickly, easily and without the need for costly or complex data analytics and management projects with lengthy deployment times.

Big Data for Humans was founded in 2014, not by a typical team of 'tech guys' but by a group of highly experienced retailers with decades of shop floor customer experience under their belts. They are on a mission to harness the power of big data to bring an unprecedented depth of insight into customers - not just as lines on a spreadsheet but as 'humans' with unique tastes, needs, life cycles and spending habits.


Helena Wasserman and Peter Ellen (Co-Founder)


Company News

Big Data for Humans strikes strategic partnership with the AirAsia Group.

We are delighted to announce today that we have led $1.2 million seed round into Big Data For Humans, a big data-as-a-service company targeting the retail and travel sectors.