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Eventbrite announce deal with evvnt!

Eventbrite have selected 10 global companies for their Extensions programme. Portfolio company evvnt is one of them!
Cem Guralp Cem Guralp Thu 12th Mar 2015 17:03

Today Eventbrite announced they have integrated with ten companies that now provide applications direct to their users through their site. It is the first time in their history that Eventbrite have offered their users such applications and we’re very happy to say that EC1 Capital portfolio company evvnt is one of the selected integrations alongside huge companies like Survey Monkey and Fundly.

With a huge global business and billions of dollars worth of tickets processed it might seem strange that this is the first time Eventbrite has allowed third party extensions to be fully integrated to their site and offered to users.

But Eventbrite clearly feel now is the right time to offer their users a more complete suite of applications by which to monitor, assess and promote their events.

But why did Eventbrite choose to integrate with a relatively young and unknown London startup when countless other integrations with bigger service providers would have been possible?

We’ll address that question in detail in a later interview post with Richard Green, evvnt’s CEO, but in short you could say it’s thanks to evvnt’s unique listing infrastructure. It is the only one of its kind in its sector - similar business exist in other sectors such as YEXT, Zip  Recruiter, Single Platform, Broadbean - and consists of a network of over 5,500 event listing sites and publishers operating in any location, vertical or target market anywhere in the world.

By choosing to use evvnt’s application, Eventbrite organisers will be able to instantly promote their event through this infrastructure to 100's of media publishers and listing sites. Not only does this mean they won’t have to painstakingly list the event on individual sites (which is hugely time consuming), but also that they can track the performance of each listing through evvnt’s very own analytics dashboard. And all from within Eventbrite.

With these listings linking back to the Eventbrite page, the potential audience and social reach of the event is increased dramatically and so for any event that wants to attract a large audience the potential benefits are huge. evvnt’s promotional tool will drive traffic to the Eventbrite page, increase visibility in search engines and ultimately increase ticket sales; and it is in the issue and sale of tickets that organisers find the most value in Eventbrite.

Having created their listing network, evvnt are uniquely positioned to offer immense exposure to Eventbrite’s organisers and with the deep integration into Eventbrite’s site, users will have unprecedented exposure to evvnt.

The future is certainly looking bright for this particular London startup. Huge congratulations on a brilliant job to all the evvnt team!

And we'll leave you with a video of Evvnt's founder Richard Green speaking about event promotion and building a business in a niche (yet large) market:


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