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Executive Coaching and Founding Teams

How using an executive coach can help founding teams stay together
Julian Julian Tue 2nd Dec 2014 14:27
Sir Bill Gammell

One of the biggest risks in an early stage startup is the relationships between the founders.

This can be easily masked from an investor in the early stage stages of evaluation but can be quickly seen post investment. 

It is certainly not easy to build a cohesive culture in a company, it is a talent I have seen relatively few founding teams pull off successfully both with the employees and between founders.

It is hard to mitigate this risk, it is human and is hard to measure or quantify. 

At the least even prior to investment, founders should have a founders agreement which states what will happen should a founder leave, how disputes are resolved, share vesting, responsibilities and so on.

Recently a new advisor called Mike Herman joned EC1 Capital. Mike is an exective coach and offers reasonable rates for startup founders.

From an investor point of view I believe Mike can help to mitigate founder risk by helping founders align all their personal and business goals.

A lot of top executives probably tend to dismissive of exective coaching, I've never taken any executive coaching in my life but as I appointed Mike as an advisor to EC1 Capital I thought I had better see what he would be advising founders. 

I have to say that Mike has helped me to obtain clarity on my ambitions and what I need to do to achieve the personal and business goals I hold. It can be quite a lonely furrow being a CEO or startup founder so it is beneficial to have a sounding platform that you can talk to you in confidence. 

To be clear this is not therapy but coaching, clarity, self realisation and encouragement.


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