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EC1 Capital September Portfolio Meetup

EC1 Capital hosted a get together at McQueen in Shoreditch for founders, investors, staff and advisors.
Julian Julian Sat 27th Sep 2014 06:52

As often as we can (though it takes a lot of organising!) we host an evening where all portfolio founders can meet each other, often there are synergies that can be leveraged but also tips are shared around growing a technology startup.

In addition we invite our advisors as well as other technology investors from the London tech scene.

On Sept 18th 40 people came together at McQueen in Shoreditch.

We have always had a very open policy and try to foster collaboration between founders and help later stage investors get to know them in a relaxed social evening.

Pictured L-R: Mike Evans (Obvious Engineering), Nicholas Babaian (Lifecake) and Education advisor RIchard Taylor.

Pictured L-R: Jozef Wallis (Toothpick), Tamar Beck and Peter Richards (

Pictured L-R: Sam Myers (Balderton Capital), Neil Gold (Dataplug) and Richard Green (evvnt).

Pictured L-R: Fintech advisor Paul Staples, Tom Butterworth (Silicon Valley Bank) and Keld Van Schreven (SmartTrade App).

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