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Meeting The Startup Community In Berlin

Last week I went to Berlin to attend two main events: Campus Party and Tech Open Air conference.
Itxaso Itxaso Wed 29th Aug 2012 08:48

Campus Party is an event aiming to bring together coders and developers to "re-type Europe's source code". I am still not sure why their mission says "re-type" instead of "type", but anyway, the goal is to put together 10,000 developers during a week to build software. I brought a bus of CS students from UCL who had a lot of fun and came second in the 24-hour hackathon!. The event was hold in the iconic Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. Thousands of developers camped during the whole week in O2-sponsored blue tents (which did not seem very comfortable over the runway). 

Campus Party had some amazing keynote speakers including Paulo Coelho and Don Tapscott. During the event, Wayra ran the final competition for the Wayra-Munich chapter. However the main attention was probably focused on the technical events such as the 24-hour Mobile Hackathon and the Firefox OS Challenge.

The second main event I attended was the Tech Open Air Conference (TOA). Unlike Campus Party, TOA was a more standard type of entrepreneurship/VC conference. That does not mean that it was uninteresting or boring. Berlin is full of designers and creatives who have converted many old and nearly destroyed buildings into offices, homes and conference venues. TOA was hosted in one of these "refurnished" and "redecorated" buildings named KaterHolzig (see picture). Apart from enjoying musicians and frozen yogurt in the sun, I met many interesting entrepreneurs from the German startup scene. Many UK based entrepreneurs and VCs were there too (Tina from Everplaces; the Index Seed team; Philipp from Seedcamp, great to see you there!).

But these two events were not the only ones happening last week in Berlin. I also attended a party at the Betahaus for Time Capsule, a "Hangover Breakfast" (KaterFrushtuck) to pitch to investors and a BBQ on an amazing terrace of an entrepreneur in Mitte. In fact it was in these small events I had the opportunity to learn about the entrepreneurial community in Berlin. Definitely it is a very active and creative community of entrepreneurs there. And everything happens between Philipp and Chistoph. There are so many of them!

Thanks Christoph Gerber for the BBQ, Christoph Fahle for the Betahaus party and Philipp (Seedcamp) for keeping me posted of the cool parties! 

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