EC1 Capital

EC1 Capital is a leading London based web and mobile investment fund

We invest in startups across the full early stage funding spectrum

Operator led, we are looking to partner with ambitious, tenacious and focused entrepreneurs who are inventing or disrupting large markets with defensible value propositions.

We have deep connections and presence in the London technology investment community. We invest for the long haul and have the ability to follow our money.

We love to syndicate and build a strong investor base that not only provides capital but also gives access to experience and connections.

We are based in London but invest across the UK and Ireland.

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Seed, Bridging, Series A participation

We invest across the full early funding spectrum

Open Office Hours

Pitch your idea or talk about your company

Apply for a slot at EC1 Capital Office Hours

Every few weeks EC1 Capital will hold open office hours where invited startups can pitch their idea or talk about an issue they are experiencing in their startup in an informal setting.

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Fri 13th Feb 2015
11am - 1pm
  • 05 DAYS
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  • 31 MINS

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