Investing and advising in high growth digital companies

EC1 Capital is a newly formed, early stage tech investment fund created in Feb 2012. We are based in the heart of London’s Tech City, we literally work in the same places you do!

We invest in the brightest, hardest working tech entrepreneurs at seed and growth phases that can demonstrate how their ideas are being turned into real world metrics.

Our relationship not only begins with a cheque, as entrepreneurs we love to get involved and help in any way we can to nurture your business to grow so everyone wins.

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Latest Articles

On Growth, Virality Loops and Customer Acquisition

Posted by julian on Tue 16th Apr, 2013 10:19

Everyone loves a personality test. Whether for fun, or to better asses our skills as part of choosing a career, we all love hearing about how others perceive us, how we function, and how we are likely to react in situations. » Keep Reading

Silicon Valley Heartland

Posted by julian on Tue 29th Jan, 2013 15:29

I have just returned from a seven-day trip to San Francisco to learn more about how the tech scene works in Silicon Valley and what makes it so different to London. » Keep Reading

Send Us A Postcard

Posted by julian on Sat 19th Jan, 2013 22:47

All too often we see startup's that seem interesting but may be missing certain metrics and therefore we decline to invest. » Keep Reading

The SEIS Scheme. A Primer.

Posted by julian on Mon 19th Nov, 2012 21:37

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), launched in April this year, offers some of the most attractive tax relief opportunities for investors seen in recent years. It has been described by a notable investor as “one of the most extraordinary incentives ever created”. » Keep Reading

Our philosophy

We provide capital, expertise and connections for web based tech startups that provides a firm footing to further develop the technology, customer acquistion and product > market fit of the business...

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